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Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement

Dealing With A Broken Spring?

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Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement

Spring Replacement In Encinitas CA

A garage door that won’t open is worse than useless. A garage door that technically works, but could malfunction at any time, is outright dangerous. If your overhead door has a broken spring, then you’re already dealing with one of those situations. Garage door springs play a critical role in providing energy to lift the door open. That means that without the springs, a garage door will be too heavy for the opener and other parts to handle. Continuing to use your garage door at that point could ruin these other expensive parts as well, and even pose a risk to life and limb. If you think you have a broken spring, call Garage Door Repair Encinitas and get some professional technicians to deal with it ASAP!

The Causes Of Broken Garage Door Springs

A spring breaking doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve done anything wrong. These components work under immense mechanical pressure, and they’re bound to wear out eventually. When you buy a new pair of garage door springs, they come with an estimated life expectancy measured in opening/closing cycles. So, it mostly depends on what kind of springs your garage door uses and how often you use it. It’s probably a good idea to keep track of how long you’ve been using your springs and have them replaced before they break down. If you miscalculate though, it isn’t the end of the world. You can have replacement garage door springs installed at any address in Encinitas the very same day that you noticed the problem.

Safe And Speedy Encinitas Garage Door Services

Garage door spring installation is dangerous for untrained people to attempt since the broken springs or pieces of them often remain under high tension. For technicians with a complete set of tools and more than ten years of field experience though, it’s a piece of cake! Here at Garage Door Repair Encinitas, we provide emergency services seven days a week, anywhere nearby. Call us about old garage door spring replacement to prevent breakdowns, or for same-day replacement if the spring is already broken. Enjoy a safe, reliably working garage door, and the peace of mind of having good help readily available!


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