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Automatic Garage Door Broke Down?

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Garage Doors Repair In Alpine

All kinds of things can go wrong with automatic garage doors. Whether It's broken springs or opener trouble, you'll want to have local technicians help you out. Well, our Alpine service team fixes all types of issues and also installs new garage doors and parts.

Garage Door Springs Replacement Services

After several years, your garage door springs will wear out and break. At that point, you'll need to replace them. Actually, you're better off doing that well beforehand. Broken spring replacement is a common task that our team carries out. You can turn to us whenever you need help. We take pride in providing fast, professional garage door spring repairs. Never try to carry out garage door spring repairs or tension adjustment on your own.

Alpine-based Opener Repair Experts

When you come home to find your garage door opener isn’t working, it can be a severe problem to deal with. Simply get in touch with us, the Alpine garage door repair team, for a fast solution. Whether your garage door isn’t opening or is failing to work sometimes, our team will pinpoint and fix the underlying cause.

Garage Doors Installed In And Around Alpine

We’re proud to be your local garage door repair experts. We do more than fix things when they break, though. When you want to upgrade your property with a new garage door, we’re ready to help. Talk to our experienced team to find out how a new garage door could benefit your home, and get a free quote today.

Recent Jobs We Completed

If your garage door isn’t opening, our team is ready to provide a solution. Whether it’s a fried drive motor or a broken torsion spring, our team of experts is based nearby and can assist you quickly. Check out a few of the most recent tasks we’ve carried out in the Alpine area below.

Panel Replacement Closest Alpine | Garage Door Repair Encinitas

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: After an accidental bump with his car, the customer had a broken panel on his garage door that needed to be replaced.
Our Solution: Our team found a new panel of the appropriate size and thickness to replace the damaged panel with and painted it to match the door exactly. The garage door was then taken down in order to unbolt the broken panel and remove it. After the new panel was installed securely into place, the door was reinstalled.

Grady Neal - Alpine
Sensor Alignment Near Alpine Heights Neighbourhood | Encinitas CA

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: Mrs. Terry was concerned about how safe her dogs were being near her garage door, and wanted us to ensure that her safety sensors were properly lined up.
Our Solution: Our expert did some testing, along with closely inspecting the sensors of the customer’s garage door. It was found that they were in fact slightly off, likely due to being bumped at some point. Measuring across the doorframe, our technician realigned them carefully to assure they were functioning perfectly.

Alpine Heights - Jessica Terry
Garage Door Opener Repair Nearby The Willows | Garage Door Repair Encinitas

Garage Door Opener Repair

Customer Issue: The customer felt that her garage door seemed to be unreliable when it came to opening and closing and found that it would sometimes reverse suddenly while closing as well.
Our Solution: Once an examination had been completed to find the source of the trouble, our technician determined that it was the Craftsman 54985 model opener that was having problems. It was taken down and opened up to be further inspected, leading our professional to find that the circuit board needed repairs. It was taken care of, and the opener was reinstalled.

Allison Bates - The Willows

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